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The characteristics and discoloration principle of thermochromic powder

January 24th, 2022

Glitter powder refers to particles containing glitter, which can achieve a local glitter effect and can be applied to cosmetics. Glitter powder is used to bring luster to the skin, increase the brightness of the skin, and make the skin instantly radiant and shiny. Glitter powder is very fine in texture, soft to the touch, very close to the skin, and is available in a variety of colors. How to use Glitter Powder? Let’s find out about this article.

The fashionable thick eyebrows are added with the effect of glitter powder to create a different coolness and hotness. The first is to draw fashionable eyebrows, thicken the position of the eyebrows, and then lengthen the end of the eyebrows, and then the eyebrows are drawn. Place the golden onion powder on the spot. For eye makeup, use a light golden brown eye shadow with a light layer, not flashing more than your eyebrows.

Add a touch of shimmer to a delicate pink lip for a more glamorous everyday look. When creating this look, use a darker lip balm to bring out the sparkle. You can simply use lip gloss to achieve a brightening effect. If you want more sparkle, you can use some lip gloss with glitter powder added to make it more beautiful. The eye makeup and base makeup should be kept as clean as possible.

Glitter Powder Glitter Eyeliner: Can I also use sequins for eyeliner? Glitter eyeliner with glitter particles will make your eyes look even more. Unique is the use of sequins with glitter particles in the black eyeliner, which not only makes the eyeliner softer, but also softer.

Glitter Glitter Mascara: Glitter mascara is definitely one of the most sought-after makeup items in all kinds of parties. Not only does sequin mascara make your makeup look more festive, but you can also see the brilliance of sequins in the blink of an eye, and even have the effect of bringing strangers closer together.

Glitter powder sequin eye shadow: Sequin eye shadow is a product with the highest application rate in sequin cosmetics. Some girls even put sequins in their daily work makeup. Sequins not only add liveliness, but also make people feel refreshed. However, the adhesion of sequin eye shadow is relatively poor, so it is best to use eye primer before application, so as to prevent sequins from falling off.

Glitter Glitter Lip Gloss: For girls with thin lips, if you want to create a lip plumping effect, then try a sequin lip gloss. Glitter lip gloss with glitter particles will make the lip makeup more exaggerated and achieve the effect of plumping lips. However, if you use a sequin lip gloss, don’t apply other sequin makeup, otherwise the whole face will sparkle and the makeup will be deducted.

In addition to eye makeup, lip makeup and other uses, glitter powder can also be used on nails to add nail effects.

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